By Katharine Zarrella for INTERVIEW Magazine

With his shy, nervous eyes, his verbal indecision, and a stubbly auburn beard, photographer Magnus Unnar’s energy off-set isn’t that of the silent voyeur or the reserved portraitist. Perhaps it’s that offbeat persona that gives the composition akilter, bawdy flashbulb and fuzzy vintage coloring. Now based in New York, the Iceland-born Unnar began his adventures in photography at the age of 16 when, concerned about their child’s dyslexia, his parents enrolled him in art school. “There was a darkroom,” he recalls, “and I thought oh, I’ll try that. And as soon as I did, I was like Whoa!, I want to do that! It’s just so spontaneous and quick and the moment I started, I just loved it.” …. Read The Full Artricle*