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This is Jan Welters. Find more of him on his web. You will see a never so intelligent looking Marion Cotillard, the excellent and very graphic Serie  for Superfine and many more academic but well inspired images… Seems like a gentle man.

Trey Taylor : What do you try to say with your photography. Do you hope it evokes emotions in the viewer?

Yorick Nube: I hope the viewer just has a peaceful moment. Beauty is enough for me, it’s like Chocolate or a Mars, you eat it and you don’t complain, but remember you will. It’s simple chemistry… I love perfect postures and composition. Like that Japanese painting with the three fish. I’m not into emotions, I like more what happens in between. Same with postures, I like insecurity and dreaminess. But if a model moves like a pro than that is fantastic of course. Just trying to use what there is, instead of what I want there to be.

Extract from an Interview of Yorick Nube by Trey Taylor in See Like Me.  Model : Marloes Horst

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